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As your baby’s development progresses, the texture too will progress from strained to chopped or whole pieces. When your baby reaches 6-8 months of age, he/she may develop the “pincer grasp.” This is the ability to hold something between the thumb and forefinger.

At this time, infants may begin to explore self-feeding. Make sure finger foods are small and soft enough for them to chew. Some good examples include:

  • Cooked noodles
  • Small pieces of bread
  • Soft peeled pieces of fruit or cooked vegetables
  • Slices of mild cheese
  • Teething biscuits

Sit close to your child during mealtimes and avoid choking hazards.

Did you know?

Studies suggest that exercise can improve cognitive function. You can exercise with baby from a young age with activities like tummy time, which also helps develop muscle strength in the stomach and neck muscles to improve head control.

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